A Global Communications Agency

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  • Marketing

    Today, with the new custumers habits, your marketing and sales actions must be focus on strategics goals and be part of an 360 and cross media strategy.

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  • SEO

    If you want to increase your website trafic, sales products online or generate qualified leads, we setup and manage your SEO strategy

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  • Communication

    Communication is never a one-size-fits-all. It is one of the most important part of any organization's success.If you want to increase notoriety, your brand value or lunch products, we target your audience, and help you to make your company and products best impact on the adequate media.

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Selimage Agency

Since 2009, SELIMAGE is an independent global communications agency, specialized in web and media , which provides supports in your communication and marketing projects.

From press releases, web contents, sales pamphlet or catalog, to a more global support, like digital strategies, advertising or press campaigns management, whatever your projects, we propose customised services which fit to your constraints and needs.

We take special care in technological and digital watch, and we work with the last generation product tools.


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